Stock Solutions / Bespoke / Branding / Design Management / Packing & Distribution / Operations.

Stock Solutions: Having stocks of core lines is an integral part of our business , which we strive to maintain at all times in all specified sizes / leg lengths and make available to our customers on a daily basis with no minimum order and speedy delivery. We further enhance this service by helping our customers forecast their needs and with mutual agreement ring fence stocks for call off as and when required not only freeing up valuable and costly warehouse space but significantly helping their cash flow.

Bespoke: We offer a bespoke service where in most cases the products are tailored to customer’s individual needs on a contract basis. From initial sampling to gold seal signing off, customers are kept informed at every stage, to ensure the garment meets their requirements before bulk production commences, giving them total peace of mind. Our dedicated sales team would be happy to discuss this option with you at your convenience.

Branding: Promoting your brand is vital element of successful sales which we can help right through from woven labels to final packaging. Also depending on the size of your order we can offer a branded waistband with your name or logo inserted. We also offer a tax tagging service whether on our stock garments or bespoke just enquire with our sales team. We here to help you stand out from the rest!

Design Management: Apart from having highly qualified technicians producing our garments. Within our team we also have a wealth of experience in fabric manufacturing and sourcing, therefore able to assist customers in the design and development of their particular needs both from cost, fitness for purpose and interpret designs into patterns ready for production.

Packing and Distribution: Whether flat packed or hanging every garment has a final press and inspection to ensure the garments arrive at our customers in pristine condition and ready for sale. We also offer a man pack/distribution service for a small additional cost which saves customers the trouble of any handling what so ever and requires only the exchange of required paperwork.

Operations UK: Has recently expanded again with the acquisition of a trouser manufacturing plant which we purchased in 2013. We have a team of highly skilled machinists operating within our existing 15,000 sq. ft. processing and stock warehouse. This acquisition now enables us to fulfil short runs with a speedy turn round and where necessary top up our own stock lines.

Operations China: Like many other companies to remain competitive we had to look off shore particularly for bulk manufacturing and in 2007 we opened our own plant enabling us to stay in total control and equally important maintain customers confidence in the production of our products. This is further enhanced by having multi lingual staff in Mandarin/English managing the operations and ensures consistent communication at all times.
Whether UK or China we believe flexibility is a key USP and Trouser Master is no exception.” You name it we can make it”.